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Lost Trades Merchandise

Lost Trades Merchandise is made by the very best makers that we can find. We know exactly how our products are made and most importantly who has made them. Thank you for supporting Lost Trades and giving all artisans a big shout out when you help promote the Lost Trades brand. We hope to spread the word that making things by hand matters and that traditional skills should not be lost to mass manufacturing.  

Our T-shirts are locally made in Victoria, cut sewn and printed by Qualitops; our Art Journals are made family business Art Spectrum in Victoria - they still make paints, pastels and art supplies; our Stickers and Bumper stickers are printed in Melbourne - our bumper stickers are the highest quality UV coated 4WD sticker; our Bandanas are cut, sewn and printed in Melbourne. Our enamel mugs were impossible to fine locally, so we went to a traditional maker in Europe recommended to us by Best Made in New York, so thank you Karolina and your team at Emalco in Poland for these beautiful quality enamel mugs.